Two turtle doves and a stomach flu


The day before Christmas Eve I was violently ill with some sort of stomach flu. Apparently the bug had been 'going around' and happened to land in my stomach (which eventually was heaved up in the toilet).

The only thing worse than me getting a stomach flu is if my husband got a stomach flu. You see, like most men, my husband Jude does not cope well with even the common cold. He likes the "kill a bird with a machine gun" approach and loads up on Advil Severe Cold and Sinus at the first sign of a runny nose. Thankfully both boys (Robby and Jude) remained well throughout the holidays and we had a wonderful time! Robby's first Christmas was much more fun for us than for him, but we're looking forward to many wonderful years ahead!
And now for a completely unrelated (but cute) holiday photo of Robby and his cousin Mariana....


Tub time!


It was bath time, so I dressed Robby up in a hooded bathrobe and animal slippers just to make the 10 step trek from his bedroom to the bathroom. The ridiculous outfit elicited an uproar of laughter from Jude and I which made Robby squeal and smile with delight. We put him in front of the mirror where he proudly admired his reflection.

Babies have a way of taking life's ordinary events and turning them into the absolute highlight of your day (and maybe even your week if it sucks). Being a working mother I cherish our evenings together as a family. I pity those that feel it's a burden to feed a baby, or to give him a bath, to take a walk, or even to change a diaper (unless the baby just ate sweet potatoes). Since I'm not the one doing these routine things during the day, I look forward to performing these basic tasks after work. Robby loves bath time and I love anything that makes him feel special. One smile and my stress goes down the drain.

After he goes through that embarrassing phase, I hope Robby will be able to laugh at these bath pictures someday. They will always make me smile.


The yin and yang of travel


I'm starting this post in the Philly airport waiting for my 6:50pm flight home. The problem is that it's 8pm and the airplane isn't here yet. A "wintry mix" mucked up the flights this evening and I'm pissed. Travel can be maddening at times when there's no one to blame but the weather. If mother nature had a call center, the lines would be buzzing with irate passengers! Other than pleading to God and begging for sunny skies, I'm helpless.

*Update* Plane showed up, dropped off, loaded up, defrosted, blasted off, and landed in Albany. Three hours late, but I'm home and thankful.

I resume... Despite some frustrations, travel comes with some cool opportunities, like Monday Night Football! I got to attend a Philadelphia Eagles v. Cleveland Browns game on Monday night and sat in our our company box!
It certainly doesn't make up for being away from my family, but perks like this definitely ease the pain. Go Green!


Eat up little bird!


Robby ate pears for the first time last night. So far there's nothing that boy doesn't like to eat!

He waits in his high chair and watches like a hawk the spoon dip into the oatmeal/pear concoction and make the short flight into his mouth. Who knew that feeding a baby could be so much fun!

I was told that when Robby started eating solids he would start sleeping better. Every night I hit the pillow optimistic that I might wake up to my alarm clock, and not to the baby monitor.

Not so much. That whole "sleeping like a baby" expression is total crap. The person who said that would be eating his words in our house, right next to Robby eating his pears. Maybe the 'sleeping like a baby' person could also wake up with Robby during the night and the next morning we can ask him what he meant! Until next time, bon appetit, and bon soir!


It's for the baby, really.


Babies do not need Guitar Hero.

My husband Jude felt otherwise on a recent trip to Target. Right on the endcap in the electronics department was a tempting special on Guitar Hero World Tour. He stared at Robby in his stroller and back at the case which contained two shiny new "guitars". He was daydreaming of he and Robby rocking out to AC/DC in the living room, spending the day parked in front of the Wii practicing sweet licks on their axes.

I'm not against playing Wii (I actually really enjoy it), nor am I against Guitar Hero. It's just that in my house, we own several real instruments! Want to be a "hero"? Try the Fender Jazz Bass, the Gibson SJ-200 Limited Edition acoustic guitar, the cherry red Takamine acoustic, the Remo djembe, or maybe the piano! (Piano Hero?!) The point is, I love music and would be thrilled if Robby someday wants to play an instrument, a REAL instrument! I don't think Guitar Hero is going to make the cut this Christmas, but I would sure welcome Vacuum Hero or Laundry Hero.


The good 'ole Christmas photo card


I'll admit it, I despise writing cards. It's not that I despise composing warm holidays thoughts and heartfelt wishes to my loved ones, I simply do not have the time, energy or the handwriting prowess to do it.

Enter the holiday photo card. The cheat of all cheats, the "it" item, the answer to the Grinch that lives deep inside me. The premise is simple. Dress your child(ren) up in something festive, take about 100 digital pictures, choose one, upload to snapfish, drop in to a cutesy card template that already says Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah/Happy Holidays/etc, pick up at Walgreens 15 minutes later. Voila!

For those of you that don't have kids, pets are acceptable photo cards. Don't have kids or pets, then too bad!! You have ample time to write your own holiday cards this year. This is my first year with the cheat, and so far I'm loving it. I still have to write out the envelopes and buy stamps, but at least my hand won't get cramped writing Happy___, Merry___, Can't wait for___, It's been so long since____, Enjoy____! Love __, ___, ___. I'll let Robby say all that in a much cuter package that has a better chance of making it to the refrigerator.


Right about nothing!!


7/2/08, 10:52am - Became a mother
7/2/08, 10:55am - Became right about nothing

On July 1st, 2008, I was ON. Had my head right, had my shit together, knew how to do things in my life. On July 2nd, that all changed. Robby looked at me utterly amazed to be outside the womb, and I must have looked back at him, utterly amazed that I became a mother, just like that! I remain amazed that this beautiful baby boy actually thinks I knew a thing or two about being a mother!

My cousin Karyn recently made a very good point. In any other profession you don't just become the highest title you could reach. You don't just become an expert overnight, President of the company without having first at least held a few more titles beforehand! Couldn't I spend at least a little time being 'assistant mother' or 'associate mother'? "Not so fast mommy!, you've got diaper rash to treat, noses to suction, strollers to navigate, and a myriad of other tasks I didn't think of on July 1, 2008.

But on July 2, when my son Robert Henry was born it was a moment that will never slip back into the depth of my mind. It was (and still is!) every positive adjective you can pull from your brain and then use a thesaurus on every word you came up with to find more words.
It's been five months since Robby came home with us from the hospital. I've learned more in five months than in my 27 years on this planet. The most important thing that i've learned, is that although I don't always have the answers, it doesn't always matter. My journey into motherhood has just begun. I'm still riding in the carseat (which was probably installed incorrectly), but I love the view from here.