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Thanks everyone for supporting my personal blog but this will be my last post. I've recently started a public blog called MaltaMama. Visit me there where I will blog about events, activities, style, parenting, and lots more. Thanks for the love- Colleen


Is it time to suit up yet?


I know you may cringe at the thought of purchasing a swimsuit in the dead of winter, but now is actually a great time! Once the spring/summer hits, you will almost always pay full price and most of the good suits are picked over. It's not like they take up a lot of room in your drawer, so go ahead and get yourself a swimsuit now so you'll save money and be ready to rock out in the summer, if it ever comes.

I checked out the Gap-owned Athleta and found that they have a super selection of sale swimsuits. Regularly priced at about $35-$65 per piece, there are some great styles on sale in the $15-$30 per piece range.

At $19 per piece, I will likely sport the Rio Riptide suit this summer shown here.

See you on the beach... after four freezing cold months!


Quick coupon post


As many of you know, Gap is my fave spot for kids clothing. Now through January 7th you can save an additional 20% off all sale items using code GAPEXTRA20. This is only available online, so you have no excuse not to surf on over to Gap.com and enjoy the savings! Pick up a little something for yourself while you're there.