The Christmas photo shoot, take fifteen


This is our second attempt at the amateur living room holiday photo shoot. Last year Robby was able to be propped up against the couch and sat there and looked stoic while we snapped away. He tipped over once and found it funny.
Overall, last year was a nice experience. This year = completely different.

Robby is a ball of energy. To think we’d be able to keep him on a chair by a Christmas tree full of ornaments was stupid. Even putting on his sweater was an aerobic workout.

(Note about the sweater, purchased at Baby Gap, my favorite children’s store BY FAR. Yes, I know not the cheapest store in town, but his Baby Gap clothes have best survived the multiple washings, wearings, stains, etc.) I digress.

Back to the photo shoot. The chair shots were snapped between ornaments in the mouth, standing on the chair, bummed that ornament got taken away, happy to get ornament back, attempt to get ornament on tree, and throwing ornament across the room. For those of you receiving our Christmas card this year, I hope you appreciate the work it took to get two far less-than-perfect shots. Maybe next year we’ll do a video card. That would be way more entertaining.

Happy Holidays! The Pierre family.


Kids holiday gift guide


Tis the season to give and get gifts! I decided to put together a little guide to some of my favorite kid and baby products. These are all Made in the USA and ALL under $50!
Happy Holidays and happy shopping!

Tree. by Keri Lee
Clock $36

A clock is a nursery necessity! This clock feature a vintage toy image with contrasting numbers on raised wood circles. 4 available 7" square.

Purchase or see more neat items here!

Pixel Organics
Organic Longsleeve bodysuit: $28

Pixel Organics first ever holiday collection features our classic lap tee bodysuit in Poinsettia with Snow trim. Custom designed "Reindeer" embroidery will brighten up a winter day. Featuring 100% Certified Organic Cotton dyed with low impact dyes all made in the USA.

Buffalo Games
Likewise Party Game: $23.99
Likewise! is a thought provoking party game where it pays to think alike. In this game, individuals are presented with a random pairing of a Description and Subject Cards. The pairing might be "Exotic - Car", or "Massive - Breakfast Food" or something like that. Next, players write down or doodle their answers in secret. Finally, they flip their paddles, reveal their answers (and a little bit about themselves in a way).

Mary’s Softdough
Softdough play set: $18.50
Mary's Softdough is a soft, non-crumbly modeling dough that is fun to play with It holds up well to lots of creative play and when stored in it's containerwill last up to a year. Marys softdough is available in our classic solid colors and Rainbow tub versions. In addition, Sofdough also comes in new scented andglitter playdough. Also check out our wonderful and exciting glow in the dark play dough.

Circus Teethers: $12

DANO2’s Circus Teethers are made in the USA out of the same medical grade materials that hospitals and dentists trust for use in their equipment.
Each set contains three variable-sized rings, 3 textures, colors, and sizes to allow babies options for what feels best on their sore gums. A stylish, compact case to keep rings together and clean. An opening on the large, green ring so that kids can hook them together for fun! PVC-, BPA-, and Phthalate-free. Dishwasher safe too.

Hemp Trekkers: $29

Natural hemp uppers lined with organic cotton
Non-slip, durable Toughtek® soles
Machine-washable, machine-dryable
Easy slip-on design doesn't slip off
100% animal-free, and very hip!

Fabric Books and Toys
ABC Activity Book: $46

This cool book contains fourteen pages that teach both upper and lower cases of the alphabet. Also teaches how to read short words that describe the item for each letter. 2-5 years. A perfect 'quiet' book for church or car rides!

CBH Studio
Chloe The Cat Backpack: $29.99

Meet Chloe the Cat. Little Packrats’ new “Tuxedo cat” is always dressed for a formal occasion. This dapper black and white cat will be much loved for her suave appearance and friendly personality. Adopt her today on this “tote-ally” cool cat backpack. This 9″× 9″× 3″ easy-care backpack features a cat collar with jingle bell, beaded zipper pull and adjustable straps. Perfect tote bag for car trips. Ideal size for snacks and toys

Stuffington Bear Factory
Funky Monkey: $24.95

A strong climber, this guy he really loves monkey business. Our Funky Monkey loves to jump and make noise, so he’s perfect for little trouble makers.

Michiko Baby
Chalkbook: $18

This Chalkbook provides a compact, portable
chalkboard to help keep little minds entertained anywhere! With a generous drawing surface of approximately 10 inches by 10 inches, room for 4 pieces of chalk and a pocket for the eraser. It folds to just 5 inches squared and snaps closed! Easy to stick in mom’s purse or into their matching backsack! Includes matching flannel wipe and 2 pieces of chalk.

Happy Holidays everyone!