Goodbye's can be shocking


This morning I kissed Robby goodbye at daycare and our lips created a shock. The tingling feeling left with me while I walked out the door, got into my car, and finally started fading when I reached the highway. He was probably thinking "WTF mama? that hurt!" I was thinking that his kiss (or a mouth-opened mess that resembled a kiss) stayed with me for a pleasantly long time.

Goodbye’s are getting harder. When Robby was just a little baby, I would plop him down on the Boppy pillow near the other babies. He sat there like a bump on a boppy, half conscious and seemingly happy to be anywhere but his car seat. Now I set him down and walk to the door. Within seconds he’s zooming across the room, butt wiggling fast and furiously behind him to crawl at my feet. The kiss of death is picking him up and I’m a martyr for it. We play this game at least once until I finally kiss him and make the walk of shame to my car only to take the drive of despair to work.

OK, I’m being WAY dramatic because the truth is I do like my job and I feel that Robby is in good hands at daycare. Despite, they are not MY hands and I would love to spend the day kissing him (shock free).


And now for a completely unrelated but cute photo taken this weekend. Don't babies look cool in blazers? According to Jude, Robby has a 'swagger'. I have to agree!


Turn that frown upside down, or else it might get stuck


I think we'd all agree that smiles are infectious. No one every talks much about frowns, but as I recently discovered, baby frowns are pretty damn cute!

Most people don’t take pictures of their babies frowning, but I caught Robby at this particular moment in time displaying one big-ass “woe is me” frown.

I've learned that while frowns are typically a sign of supreme discontent, they don’t always lead to full-blown crying. A couple months ago, Robby would frown at random people that were unfamiliar to him. Probably 70% of the time the frown would be the precursor for some crying, but sometimes the frown would just turn upside down. There was a rumor at my elementary school that if you frowned too much your face would get stuck like that. The Perma-Frown syndrome scared us. If I were to frown today, I would still only hold it for a second or two.

So what was Robby thinking during this particularly cute frown? Probably the same thing former President George Bush was thinking during his press conference frown: What am I doing here? Who are these people? Why are they staring at me? What's this stupid thing in my hand? When will this be over? I’m hungry and I need a drink.