What would Einstein do? (wwed)


Now that Robby’s a year old, I have an itch to learn everything about how to raise a perfect child; how to properly discipline, keep him happy and engaged, teach him, nurture him, and I need to learn all of this stuff yesterday.

I’ve been busy surfing the internet reading reviews on the best books out there to tame my appetite for child-rearing perfection before the ship leaves and I’m standing on the shore with a screaming toddler throwing toys at my face.

Are tantrums inevitable? Is it possible to say ‘no’ too much? How many times do I have to take that sharp metal object away from Robby until he learns? Is he sticking his hand in the garbage to spite me? When will he stop laughing at me when I try to be firm with him?

Clearly my mind is swimming with questions. I asked my mom about books and she recommended a book from a doctor by the name of Fitzhugh Dodson. The book is mad old but I trust a guy with a name like Fitzhugh. That’s a no nonsense guy.
Another book that was recommended to me is called Einstein Never Used Flashcards. It gets great Amazon reviews, which typically is a good sign.
I am currently trying to make it through Dr. Fitzhugh Dodson’s 1970’s classic and then I’ll choose a more modern selection to round it out. Once I acheive child-rearing perfection, I'll let you all know the secrets. In the meantime, I'll do the best I can with my limited knowledge and hope that motherly instinct will kick in and take over!
I kind of liked flashcards as a child... granted I'm no Einstein!


Toys rule!


As promised, here are a few more birthday party shots of Robby showing off some of his new toys.

Veronika and Jermaine got Robby this great Green Toys Sand Play Set. Here's Robby modeling the rake.

I've admired Green Toys as a toy company for a long time. They have a strong commitment to the environment, their toys are all BPA-free and made in the USA to boot!

Check out their site for more info.

Another cool toy that Robby got from our friends Seth, Sara, and baby Grady was a four-wheeled Kawasaki ride-on thing. (I'm sure it has a more proper name than that. He totally digs it and I think he looks pretty damn cute riding it.

Because a little boy can't have enough ride-on cars, Grandma and Grandpa got him this cool Push Around Buggy by Step 2.

Robby loves going for rides in this and has this goofy perma-grin on his face the whole time while holding super tight to the steering wheel.

Mean mommy took some of Robby's new toys and put them away for a little while so we can focus on a few new things at a time, and then appreciate the rest later. I used the savings bond philosophy. It sucks to get a gift that you can't use right away, but you'll appreciate it even more later. Thanks to all who made Robby's birthday special and awesome.


Yummy cake


I’ve been so bad, and haven’t posted in ages.

Robby’s first birthday was celebrated in a major way on Sunday, July 5th, 2009. We had a Luau party at our house and over 50 of our closest friends and relatives were there to celebrate with us. Poor Robby had just woken from a long nap and was ushered downstairs in a Hawaiian print shirt to find his home invaded. He was a great sport through the whole party. Here’s Robby enjoying his cake.

I’ll post more very soon, I promise!