Babies can be mean


To say that I love Robby is an understatement. That doesn’t mean that I love every last quirk about him though. For instance, I don’t love that he yanks my hair out, pinches me and laughs, bites me, kicks me, rips my glasses off, and scratches me with his razor nails. Despite being a massive 17lbs, he can be pretty darn mean sometimes.

Here he is just waiting for me to turn my back so he can take every thingy of baby wipes off the changing table shelf and put them all over his room. This past weekend he took one of my shoes and hid it under the bed and I could not find it anywhere! Yesterday he went thrashing through a pile of mail on the floor and ripped my Fast Company magazine and a bunch of envelopes, including some bills. (Why was the mail on the floor, you ask? I was "mommy multi-tasking", playing with Robby while sorting mail.)

He’s definitely getting to the age where items will start becoming displaced. In addition to taking things, he’s getting bolder by the day testing his limits by opening every cabinet, drawer, closet, door, stealing ipods, phones and Wii remotes, touching the stereo equipment and his latest trick, turning off the TV while smiling a devilish grin.

Robby gets more attention when he does mean things, which provoke's him even more. We're thankfully at the stage where his bold behavior is really kind of funny. He's charmingly mean, not tantrum-y mean. I know he won't be like this forever, but I like my little mean Robby just the way he is.


A trip down South


Orlando, FL is a great place to have relatives and I’m proud to say that I do. We recently took a trip down there with Robby to visit Jude’s brother and family. (I’m not making excuses as to why I haven’t posted in a while but it has been a busy few weeks for us)

We took our first airplane ride with Robby on Southwest and all went well. Robby made friends with Sarah, the cutest flight attendant I’ve seen in years. (have you noticed the ‘caliber’ of attendants has seriously dropped?) Jude loved that pretty Sarah kept coming back to flirt with Robby and check on us. I didn’t mind that Robby had small spurts of entertainment and that Jude and I got a couple more shot-glass sized ginger ale refills.

Traveling with a baby is for the most part, very cool and fun! We took him to the Kennedy Space Center, the Harry P Leu botanical gardens, Downtown Disney, the beach, and various other excursions. We didn’t do any of the major parks this year because I absolutely love thrill rides and was not about to pay $75 a ticket to eat Dippin’ Dots on a park bench with Robby. Good news is that, if you have family in Orlando, you will be back.

It was definitely one of those vacations where you feel like you need a vacation when you get back home, but it was fun overall. Plus Robby got to spend time with his cousins from whom he learned how to smack his lips and stick out his tongue on command. Fantastic.