The Christmas photo shoot, take fifteen

This is our second attempt at the amateur living room holiday photo shoot. Last year Robby was able to be propped up against the couch and sat there and looked stoic while we snapped away. He tipped over once and found it funny.
Overall, last year was a nice experience. This year = completely different.

Robby is a ball of energy. To think we’d be able to keep him on a chair by a Christmas tree full of ornaments was stupid. Even putting on his sweater was an aerobic workout.

(Note about the sweater, purchased at Baby Gap, my favorite children’s store BY FAR. Yes, I know not the cheapest store in town, but his Baby Gap clothes have best survived the multiple washings, wearings, stains, etc.) I digress.

Back to the photo shoot. The chair shots were snapped between ornaments in the mouth, standing on the chair, bummed that ornament got taken away, happy to get ornament back, attempt to get ornament on tree, and throwing ornament across the room. For those of you receiving our Christmas card this year, I hope you appreciate the work it took to get two far less-than-perfect shots. Maybe next year we’ll do a video card. That would be way more entertaining.

Happy Holidays! The Pierre family.


Margherita Krug said...

Adorable! At our attempt, Xander (two weeks younger than Robbie) could have cared less about the whole thing. I was SWEATING as I chased after him to re-place him.

Colleen Pierre said...

Sometimes it's those crazy experiences that make it all the more fun though! It will be a great second Christmas for Xander and Robby. Of course Kendra will enjoy every minute of it too :-)