The age that makes you want more

18 and tattoos? No. 21 and drinking? Nope. 28 and wine and chocolate? Close, but no. 16 months and kids? BINGO! *and I mean that in a , B-I-N-G-O kind of way. I feel like lately I’ve been under the spell of my 16 month old. Like any minute he may turn into a raging and wild toddler but if we kept time frozen at 16 months, I would give Octomom a run for her money.

I don’t know how else to say this; I want more kids! Did you hear that honey? Maybe we can even get one that sleeps through the night sooner than 9 months! Robby, our late night rendezvous’ were cool and all but now that you finally “sleep like a baby”, life is even more fun!

Here’s a montage of my favorite autumn moments. Playing in the leaves with daddy, making hot beats in the new hat, kicking back with a magazine, and scaring everyone as a dinosaur for Halloween.

Turning the clocks back this weekend was a bummer, but spending that extra hour with my little man made it slightly more bearable. I'm enjoying the fall more than I ever have. Just think what it could be like with two...
Twice as much fun! :-)